I've decided not to wait for an exotic beach to be able to enjoy some tropic vibes. Themed drinks are my passion, and here is the summer edition! Yay! :)

After you get your free printables by clicking HERE,

After you print out the printables on a thick piece of paper, you just cut out the shapes and glue them onto the straws ( or sticks ). Super easy, right? :)

But, there is an important detail you should know before folding the stripes of the umbrellas. To avoid cracks in the paper and print, it's best to use a ruler and a dull knife to go over all the surfaces where the fold is supposed to be. This way you make a mark in the paper and the folding gets so much easier and neater. ;)

For gluing the sticks to the umbrellas I definitely recommend a glue gun. It's much easier to place the sticks at the right angle when you have a little ball of glue. :)

We can not forget the coconuts when making summer cocktails! They make delicious cups, especially for drinking Malibu rum with milk - my favorite, yum! The perk of this cocktail is that it's white and it can be dyed easily into a perfect soft pink. :)

I hope you like the new printables as much as I do!
I can't wait to see how your summer drinks turned out! :)
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