Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Our home is constantly changing. I like to match the decor to the season of the year. The layout of the furniture and colors are always different. I just recently realized that I like to dress our home in the same colors that I dress myself. :) Those colors are light gray, more white, less black, and several shades of pink. With golden accessories, of course. :) The spring brought a new inspiration for simplicity, lightness and harmony.

This time I'm sharing three simple DIY tricks. The first one requires a little more patience than the other two, but the process is super easy. I'm talking about the wall fringes. :)

You can choose any number of colors for your fringes. I chose white alongside two shades of pink. My colors are placed without any special order, but you can always choose a symmetric pattern. Also, your wooden stick can be a little tree branch, it doesn't have to be processed wood.

The 'knitting' process is pretty simple:

1| Cut your thread into similar-length pieces. Double the length which you are planning for your fringes and that's the length that your pieces of thread should be.

2| Fold the piece of thread in half, place it on the table, then put the wooden stick on top of the thread, just below the fold. This will make a loop where the loose end of the thread should go through. Tighten it.

3| Repeat the same process for all of the fringes. But make sure to leave some free space at the edges of the stick.

4| When you are done with 'knitting', it's time for ironing. My suggestion is ironing on a firm surface while combing the fringes before every iron stroke.

5| The next step is cutting/styling the fringes. Place them between two sturdy surfaces ( a table and a thick book, for example ) and cut the ends in the shape you like. I chose a slant cut for my fringes but yours can be more symmetrical, V shaped, round or even geometrical.

6| Hang them up. I chose to hang them by a wooden stick but you can also tie some thread around the edges of a stick and hang the fringes on the wall by that thread.

Oh, I just love how they look next to the ladder-shelf decor. :)

I love experimenting with wall decor. I've been planning on getting a simple and silly wallpaper, for a while now. In the end, I decided on much more simple and fun solution.

1| Cut the tape into parts which are approximately the same size, around 5 - 6 cm ( 2 - 2,5"). They don't have to be identical, once on the wall they will all look the same.

2| Choose the space you would like to have between the crosses, both horizontally and vertically. The gaps I chose are 40cm (16") horizontally and 60cm (24") vertically.

3| The crosses of every row should line up in the middle of the space between the crosses of the row above. Check often if the pattern is straight by distancing yourself from a wall.

And that's the entire (piece of) work. ;)

Well, in this case, the picture says it all. :) Simple wooden crates, painted in your favorite color and placed on top of each other.

You can also make beautiful shelves by screwing the crates to the wall. The next thing I have to try is putting two old coffee table legs on a crate and making a bed-side table. :)

I hope you found the ideas fun and helpful. I really enjoyed this easy DIY projects. But now I enjoy our refreshed home even more. :)