Saturday, May 27, 2017

I just love taking bubble baths - so relaxing and indulging. I always prepare a fun cocktail for my precious bubble bath time. But this time I had inspiration for a fun dessert. Let's start with decoration! :)

Our 'bubble bath' dessert is actually jello so our little rubber duck can easily 'float' on it. I chose a lemon-mint flavor because the mint syrup is blue and will give the color we need for our jello. :)

Preparation of this delicious and refreshing dessert is super easy. You will need:

2 lemons
* 2 spoons of sugar
* 2 spoons of mint syrup
* 1 spoon of gelatin
* whipped cream


1| Make lemonade with 0,4-0,5l of water.
2| Add sugar and mint syrup. Stir.
3| Add gelatin and stir well. ( Read instructions on your gelatin package, you might need to heat the lemonade. )
4| Pour the lemonade in the glasses you've chosen and put them in the fridge or a couple of hours.
5| When lemonade turns to jello, it's time for 'bubbles'. Add little 'balls' of whipped cream around the edges.
6| Place the mini rubber duck on top of the jello and add a swirly straw (the straw is only for decoration purposes, of course, you will need a spoon to eat this dessert :D ).

Is there a more fun dessert you can enjoy while taking a bubble bath? :)