Monday, April 03, 2017

It's spring time, you guys! As if that isn't wonderful enough, the Easter is coming. I'm in love with all of the smells and colors around me, they give me such an endorphin rush. That's why we are spending this Easter on the grass with a sleepy baby chicks, playful yellow ducklings and a fluffy white bunny! :)

I love decorating white eggs. All you need is a thin black marker and some dots, triangles, stripes - any simple shapes, really. They always stand out in the crowd of bright colored eggs. :)

This was the first cake that I made completely by myself, and it turned out exactly the way I imagined - Barbie pink, nonchalant and fun! :) 

Is there a better way to celebrate this joyful and colorful holiday than with a countryside picnic!? 

I hope I gave you some pre-Easter inspiration. Next post is coming any day now and it's a pastel Easter eggs tutorial, yay! :)