Monday, April 10, 2017

Let's have some free printable pre-Easter fun! :)

After you download your free printable by clicking here,

1| Print out the downloaded printable on a thick piece of paper.
2| Cut out the bunny ears and glue each pair to a paper straw.
3| If your drinks/mugs are white, feel free to cut out the bunny faces with a white paper background. But if your drinks/glasses are a different color, I suggest cutting everything out separately.

I chose Orangina soda bottles for my bunnies. This bottle has uneven surface, that's why I used thick paper for my bunny faces. But if you have a smooth surface to work with, I suggest printing one more copy on a self-adhesive paper, then you will get bunny face stickers, and that's much easier. Still, bunny ears should be sturdy, so make sure they are printed on a firm piece of paper. :)

Kids are gonna love these drinks! But don't forget to surprise your loved ones who are children at heart! :)