Another picnic celebrating the spring! There can never be enough of those. This time, our guest is a fluffy and pretty curious little lamb. :)

On a wonderful spring day like this one, I always rather choose sitting on the grass than anywhere else. This time, our picnic setting is on a hillside in the middle of my father's apricot and hazelnut farm.

Each time I am there, I lay on the grass in a star pose, and as I look at the sky I feel the planet, the spinning and the cosmos. When I divert my eyes, I only see green and can feel the smell of wild mint and camomile. All the sounds I hear are birdsong and a small stream that runs at the bottom of the hill. Then a white butterfly flies by with a small, restless and beautiful creature chasing it. This adorable creature is a baby dog called Benny. Benny is only four months old and is mesmerized by everything happening around him. He was captivated by our lamb guest, but the baby lamb was more interested in Milan, who was carrying his milk bottle. As they were all chasing each other, I didn't even manage to capture this crazy friendship on camera. Benny is so fast and wild that he appears as black and white smudges in the photos. :) Just after the baby lamb returned to his mother, and Benny got himself tired from wrestling the pillows, I managed to capture some photos of this furious Oreo cookie. :)

A beautiful spring day on the grass, adorable company, pure enjoyment and love. 

Everyday should be a picnic! :)
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