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Hey guys! I just wanted to share how my Easter eggs turned out this year and maybe give you some ideas. :)

This year I chose light pastel colors and simple patterns. The secret is in dyeing white eggs to get those pastels I am talking about. But I always leave some of them undyed, because white eggs look great next to the other colors. Also, are you aware of natural blue (mint) eggs? I just love their color, that's why I didn't dye them either. I added light pink, lilac and yellow eggs next to the mint and white ones, and the whole combination turned out delicious. :)

But what about those egg cartons? My recommendations are decoupage and painting them with acrylics. Last year I decoupaged the cartons with floral napkins, and this year I decided to paint them pink, of course. :) Add a ribbon or some flowers and your eggs are ready to go!

I hope you'll have a lovely and colorful Easter! :)


Let's have some free printable pre-Easter fun! :)

After you download your free printable by clicking here,

1| Print out the downloaded printable on a thick piece of paper.
2| Cut out the bunny ears and glue each pair to a paper straw.
3| If your drinks/mugs are white, feel free to cut out the bunny faces with a white paper background. But if your drinks/glasses are a different color, I suggest cutting everything out separately.

I chose Orangina soda bottles for my bunnies. This bottle has uneven surface, that's why I used thick paper for my bunny faces. But if you have a smooth surface to work with, I suggest printing one more copy on a self-adhesive paper, then you will get bunny face stickers, and that's much easier. Still, bunny ears should be sturdy, so make sure they are printed on a firm piece of paper. :)

Kids are gonna love these drinks! But don't forget to surprise your loved ones who are children at heart! :)


Another picnic celebrating the spring! There can never be enough of those. This time, our guest is a fluffy and pretty curious little lamb. :)

On a wonderful spring day like this one, I always rather choose sitting on the grass than anywhere else. This time, our picnic setting is on a hillside in the middle of my father's apricot and hazelnut farm.

Each time I am there, I lay on the grass in a star pose, and as I look at the sky I feel the planet, the spinning and the cosmos. When I divert my eyes, I only see green and can feel the smell of wild mint and camomile. All the sounds I hear are birdsong and a small stream that runs at the bottom of the hill. Then a white butterfly flies by with a small, restless and beautiful creature chasing it. This adorable creature is a baby dog called Benny. Benny is only four months old and is mesmerized by everything happening around him. He was captivated by our lamb guest, but the baby lamb was more interested in Milan, who was carrying his milk bottle. As they were all chasing each other, I didn't even manage to capture this crazy friendship on camera. Benny is so fast and wild that he appears as black and white smudges in the photos. :) Just after the baby lamb returned to his mother, and Benny got himself tired from wrestling the pillows, I managed to capture some photos of this furious Oreo cookie. :)

A beautiful spring day on the grass, adorable company, pure enjoyment and love. 

Everyday should be a picnic! :)


I can't remember the last time I had as much fun coloring Easter eggs as I did last year. That's because I finally found out how to get the pastel colors I always wanted. It was pretty simple actually - I used white eggs. There is a good chance of finding them on the markets before Easter, but in case you don't, here is a neat trick - whitening the eggs. 

1| Wash the eggs properly.
2| Put the eggs in a deep pot. On every 4 glasses of water, add one glass of vinegar.
3| Boil the eggs as you would normally, but make sure to remove the foam that comes out.
4| When the eggs are boiled, leave them to cool down. Then wash them in lukewarm water.
5| Rub and dry the eggs with a cloth.

Dyeing! It doesn't matter which type of colors you use. Just add more water than it says on the packaging and shorten the time the egg is supposed to stay in the dye. That's the entire wisdom.

Time for illustrations! Thin markers and imagination is everything you'll need. If you lack inspiration, there are always tons of ideas on Pinterest. Do not even think about your drawing skills, cause no skills are needed for this endeavor. The simpler and more effortless the drawing is, the better it looks, I give you my word! :)

Don't forget to leave some of the eggs uncolored, so you can have white 'canvas' for some of your illustrations. :)

I have so many ideas for this year's Easter eggs, I hope I'll manage to do at least one more post on the subject before the Easter comes!  I'm so excited about this, guys! :)


It's spring time, you guys! As if that isn't wonderful enough, the Easter is coming. I'm in love with all of the smells and colors around me, they give me such an endorphin rush. That's why we are spending this Easter on the grass with a sleepy baby chicks, playful yellow ducklings and a fluffy white bunny! :)

I love decorating white eggs. All you need is a thin black marker and some dots, triangles, stripes - any simple shapes, really. They always stand out in the crowd of bright colored eggs. :)

This was the first cake that I made completely by myself, and it turned out exactly the way I imagined - Barbie pink, nonchalant and fun! :) 

Is there a better way to celebrate this joyful and colorful holiday than with a countryside picnic!? 

I hope I gave you some pre-Easter inspiration. Next post is coming any day now and it's a pastel Easter eggs tutorial, yay! :)