Let's have some pre-Valentine's Day fun! :) This year I prepared printable love notes that you can put on paper straws or maybe little wooden skewers for your dessert decoration. Also, edible love notes, you guys! :)

Let's start with printables. After you get your free printable HERE,

Print the notes on a thick paper sheet, cut out the note/icon, then glue the straw or a skewer to the back of the love note. This is all the work! :)

Strawberry and coconut pudding, pink and white cream, edible hearts and some marshmallows. All you need to make your Valentine's even sweeter. Don't forget some edible pearl dust!

Pink and red, my favorite color combination this season. 

Get those little gel tubes, they are made for writing on desserts and really easy to use. This is the first time I am eating a love note, it's so much fun! :)

Our Christmas lights are still twinkling, waiting to make our Valentine's evening complete. :)

Happy Valentine's, y'all!