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Let's have some pre-Valentine's Day fun! :) This year I prepared printable love notes that you can put on paper straws or maybe little wooden skewers for your dessert decoration. Also, edible love notes, you guys! :)

Let's start with printables. After you get your free printable HERE,

Print the notes on a thick paper sheet, cut out the note/icon, then glue the straw or a skewer to the back of the love note. This is all the work! :)

Strawberry and coconut pudding, pink and white cream, edible hearts and some marshmallows. All you need to make your Valentine's even sweeter. Don't forget some edible pearl dust!

Pink and red, my favorite color combination this season. 

Get those little gel tubes, they are made for writing on desserts and really easy to use. This is the first time I am eating a love note, it's so much fun! :)

Our Christmas lights are still twinkling, waiting to make our Valentine's evening complete. :)

Happy Valentine's, y'all!


Hi guys! :) As you know, Valentine's Day is coming up, and we all need some thoughtful gift ideas. How about these hand painted globes? They can be an amazing gift for your Valentine. Or just a DIY masterpiece for your home decor. :)

1| Separate the globe from the globe holder. Peel off the map from the globe.

2| Spray paint both in different colors. I recommend matte colors for this. Be sure to fixate the globe first, so it can't roll away.

3| When everything is well dried, get your marker and shake it well first. Then, choose what you want to write or draw on your globe. 

Fun fact about this black globe is that it's not painted, the plastic was black when I peeled off the map, so I could write on it over and over again, because the paint from the marker can be removed with the nail polish remover. You can use it as your 'blackboard' for leaving little notes. :)

4.1| If you decide on a cute writing, I recommend some practise on the paper first. You can choose your favorite font and try to reproduce it. 

Look how simple the shapes of the flowers are, anyone can be a globe painter. :) Wouldn't it be fun to add a slot for love letters? :)

0| If you decide to make a slot, do that before spray painting the globe, so you wouldn't scratch the paint while working with a knife.

4.2| When you finish drawing the shapes you want, you can start coloring them. Be careful not to smudge anything with your hand, one side should be well dried before you start painting the other.

5| When all the colors are dry, use the marker (shake it) to go over all the outlines again. This will give it a clean and neat look.

6| Put the globe back on the holder. You could use a pair of helping hands for this, so you can keep the paint safe. :)

If you want to keep it simple to avoid mistakes, you can always draw doodles. :)

I would say that the sky is the limit, but it's not! Imagine your starry cosmic globe? :)

Oh, so many possibilities!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did making it.

Enjoy painting your globes, guys! :)