It's time for some last minute Christmas ideas, and adorable free printables! :)


I simply adore gingerbread in all it's forms. We make little gingerbreads every year, and we have tried so many different icings, but I was never completely satisfied with any of them. I like a clean look so it always looks messy to me. That's why I decided to use marzipan this  year.

I used only three ingredients:

* marzipan
* food coloring 
* Dr Oetker cookie decorations (for the buttons)

Marzipan sticks to the cookie surface by itself, and forming shapes from it is super easy. Also, you can roll it out and cut out the shapes you want.

One little gingerbread man broke it's head, so I gave him a concerned face and he instantly became my favorite. :)

But, the most fun I had was, definitely, making my first ever gingerbread house.

The trickiest part for me was the glue that holds the house together. I tried a couple of different icings that didn't work for me, so finally, I used simple caramelized sugar.

There are so many gingerbread house template online, so you can choose the shape you like and start 'building'.

I used the same ingredients and techniques for decorating my snowed in cottage that I used for decorating the gingerbread men. I felt like I was playing with a play dough, it was fun and easy, but took a bit of time.

I just love my gingerbread house.


Here are some fun ideas for Christmas lunch table settings.


Use your Christmas lights, tree decorations, garlands, candles, ribbons, pine cones, mistletoe branches - anything that makes you feel the magic of Christmas. Let your holiday spirit run wild! :)


I love well designed napkins and I think that they give a special charm to any table setting. I am a napkin shopaholic, so I am always set for any occasion and every season of the year. :) If your plates are already colorful and vibrant, I suggest simple napkins, but if they are simple or whole-colored, you can pretty much use any pattern you like.


If you already have simple textile napkins or you just can't find the right ones, there is a solution for that, too. Snowflakes, stars, little pine tree branches, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, mistletoe - the list is endless.


I feel like the wood is an important part of Christmas coziness. Snowed in wooden houses, wood crackling in the fireplace, wooden furniture with cozy pillows and fluffy sheepskins. I love serving food on wooden surfaces and this year I decided on stump slices. If  you can't get your hands on those, you can slice a wooden plank into plate sized squares and use them instead of plates. Your guest would be surprised and I guarantee it would look fabulous! :)

Ah, I just looove Christmas time! :)


In the spirit of Christmas giving, I prepared free printable boxes, specially designed for Christmas presents. Houses covered in snow, that you can fill with sweets, fluffy socks, or maybe some homemade gingerbread cookies. :)

Click to download:
PINK house printable box
RED house printable box

Let's not forget my favorite Christmas character - the Nutcracker. The idea was filling each box with nut dragées, so when you open and close the box it looks like the Nutcracker is cracking the chocolate nuts. I just love them! :D

Click to download:
The Nutcracker / RED
The Nutcracker / BLUE

Happy holidays, everyone! May your year be full of joy and adventure. :)
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