The best time of the year is finally here! Our home became winter wonderland once again. I just looove this time of year! Every year before Christmas, we take a little roadtrip though the Alps to visit cute Austrian and German towns which are always bursting with Christmas spirit. Their Christmas markets, aromatic hot punches, and traditional holiday desserts are just delicious. I will have to dedicate one post to this lovely trip. Ah, if only December lasted twice as long. :)

This post is dedicated to DIY winter decoration ideas. But don't think that I forgot yummy Christmas treats. :)

This year I decided on gingerbread man party flags, mine are pink of course, but I made red ones too, so you can choose a color you like, because there are free printables, yeey! Click here to download the pink ones, or here to download the red ones.


I though about making a reindeer or a bunny trophy head, but I already made those before, so I needed a new challenge. Polar bear it is! This time, instead of using cardboard and folding paper, I used:

* one packet of non-baking clay
* greasy paper 
* rolling pin 
* espresso cup
* sharp knife
* white spray paint (matt)
* acrylic paint (black and light pink)
* small screwdriver (or similar tool)

Steps are pretty simple, these are mine, but feel free to bring your own twist:

* cut out two 40cm wide sheets of greasy paper and place the clay between them
* roll out the clay to the thickness of one centimeter 
* put the espresso cup ( or a similar dish that resembles a bear's snout ) beneath the clay, placing it in the central area of the clay, with the bottom of the cup facing up and the handle of the cup facing 'north'
* press the clay over the cup softly with your hands, so the snout starts to come out
* remove the cup and straighten the clay around the snout 
* use the knife to cut out the shape of bear's head from the clay, minding the position of a snout ( do not worry, the imperfections bring the charm )
* polish the edges with a wet finger 
* dry the clay in the oven, no heat
necessary, just with fan on
* when it seems dry enough, it is time for spray painting, I recommend two layers ( with drying in between, for best coverage )
* when the spray paint is dry, use a paint brush and black acrylic to paint the bear's eyes, snout and a smile. Add some rose on the cheeks and do not worry, drawing skills are not necessary, remember, the imperfections are the part of the charm.
* when all the colors are dry, turn the head so the unpainted side faces you, then choose a spot in the central forehead area to make a hole which you will need for hanging it on the wall. Use a little screwdriver, spin it gently into the clay ( which is not dry as it looks, so the hole making should go smoothly ) Be careful not to pierce the bear's cute face. :)


You can count on the fingers of one hand the things you need to make your own snow globes:

* a small Christmas tree
animal figurine toy (one that reminds you of winter)
* a jar or a glass cake dome (be sure to double check the size)
* fake snow of your choosing
* styrofoam beads and thread

* I suggest gluing the tree and the figurine to the lid of the jar (which is going to be the forest ground)
* When all is set to your liking, make a snow cover with artificial snow and then sprinkle a little over the christmas tree and the figurine to get the impression of snowing
* For the finishing touch I used small styrofoam balls, but you can also use regular beads. If you use regular ones, be sure to make a knot after each one, so they can have some space between them and not fall on each other. String the beads and tape the thread to the 'ceiling' of your globe. And there it is, your own homemade snow globe! :)


Last year we made our first wooden sign for Christmas, and it is time to share the how-to. This year I decided on logs, and new writings, of course. :)

If you can't get a hold of stumps, do not despair, you will need:

* any wooden surface that can be hung on a wall or used as a shelf decoration
* white paint for wood and a brush
baking paper sheet
* digital printer

* Give only one coat of paint to the wooden surface, so you can see the wood behind it. I think it gives the sign a special charm. :)
* Download the file with a design that you like (links are below)
* Cut the baking paper to fit your printer and place it into the printer
* Print the design of your choosing, being careful not to touch the ink with your hands. The paper is going to be used as a stamp. Make sure that your paper does not move when you place it on the wood, so you would avoid the blurriness. Gently press the back of the paper with your hands and spread the ink evenly to the wooden sufrace. Again, the imperfection is a part of the charm, so do not stress about it. :)

This is a whole piece of work, guys! :) Download links are bellow:


Stamp designs are in black, other colors do not transfer well. Any colors, if you want them, should be added later. So, I painted the hearts pink with acrylics. :)


This year I wanted to glaze some apples in white and pink sugar glaze, which turned out to be a mission impossible for me. So I found melting chocolate in color. Yey! It's super easy and adorable. You can glaze any other fruit of treat that you like - bananas, strawberries, pretzels, gingerbreads, absolutely anything. :)

I suggest melting the chocolate without any butter, on a steam. Then just dipp your treat and add your favorite decoration. You can buy all different kinds of edible decoration. I chose snowflakes, of course. :)

I believe you would agree that hot chocolate is a winter necessity. :) Sadly, marshmallows are not sold anywhere in Belgrade so I found this colorful replacement that can be found in most supermarkets. They come in so many different color combinations, so you can always find the perfect one to match your mugs. :) 

Maybe hot chocolate in a mug, with a gingerbread man on top? :)

And a free printable of course, click here to download your HAPPY HOLIDAYS tags. :)

Don't think that I forgot Christmas mugs for the little ones. Snowman, Rudolph and Santa are ready for some Christmas cookies. :)

You can download your free printable with faces by clicking here. And hats and horns, for the straws, by clicking here. I made them separate because they are printed on different kinds of paper. :)

Hohoho! What a party. :D I really enjoyed doing this post. I sincerely hope I will get a chance to post at least one more during these holidays. :)

Be merry, everyone, and enjoy the most beautiful time of the year! :)

And sing loudly those Christmas carols!

Dashing through the snow
On a one horse open sleigh
O'er the fields we go,
Laughing all the way... ♪ ♫ :D
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