This month we celebrated Milan's birthday. :) He is one wonderful creature and an amazing boyfriend and he always deserves great surprises. My plans for his birthday are often impeded by November unpredictable weather, therefore they change at the last moment almost every year. Last year we had a date night drinking exotic cocktails under the canopy 'in the Maldives' located in our living room. The year before that, the weather was great, so we had a wonderful picnic under the stars, at Belgrade's high point, overlooking the city. And the year before that, we had so much fun at the motel Cloud, the resting point on our way to the Moon - in our flat of course. :) This year I had the perfect plan for a picnic lunch date on our favorite small hill here in the city, but since it was raining all day, the birthday outdoor picnic turned into an indoor camping date night. :)

I could not resist making a "campfire" from cardboard firewood that I made last year for our Christmas fireplace. :)

This was just a short "postcard" from Milan's birthday, but it does not mean that I don't have a little present for all of you celebrating a birthday (or not). :) If you like black&white party flags, you can download free printable by clicking here. :)
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