WITCH FOR DINNER - Fun ideas for Halloween snacks

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I had such a wonderful time preparing this post. :) In the previous post you can find ideas for transforming your pumpkins into cute spooky characters. In this one I will share our Halloween menu for this year, and it's just crazy fun! :)

Last year I transformed our home into a witch's nest, and it was really super scary. This year I wanted to make something spooky but not really frightening. :)

Ghost milkshakes are so yummy and adorable!  And most importantly, very easy to make. Vanilla milkshake or aromatic milk with cream on top. White round mints with a drop of dark chocolate on each - and there they are! :)

For printable BOOs for your straws click here.

Our Halloween cocktails are served in bat mugs, of course. :)

For printable bat wings click here.

If you prefer clear drinks in clear glasses, here is an idea for spooky ice cubes. :)

A drink full of spiders, plastic ones of course. :)

You remember the which I told you about that was staying with us last year? We found out later from Hansel and Gretel that she wanted to eat them, so we decided to give her a taste of her own medicine. That's why our Halloween snack and dessert is her naughtiness. :)

She might be naughty but she is well manicured. :) Hehe. This is the recipe from Rainbow snacks post, the only difference is that there is no baking powder so the fingers would keep their shape.

Ahh, I love eating witch fingers! :D

If you think her fingers are yummy, wait to try her eyeballs. :)

Mini cakes with marcipan.... mmm... this witch is so delicious.

Pick your favorite cake pops recipe, get some marcipan and edible colors - and there it is, your spooky Halloween dessert. :)

They are so fun and easy to make. You have to try it! :)

Now, all that's left for me to do is to make my costume for tomorrow. Halloween time is just never ending joy! :D

Happy Halloween, y'all! :)
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