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WITCH FOR DINNER - Fun ideas for Halloween snacks

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I had such a wonderful time preparing this post. :) In the previous post you can find ideas for transforming your pumpkins into cute spooky characters. In this one I will share our Halloween menu for this year, and it's just crazy fun! :)

Last year I transformed our home into a witch's nest, and it was really super scary. This year I wanted to make something spooky but not really frightening. :)

Ghost milkshakes are so yummy and adorable!  And most importantly, very easy to make. Vanilla milkshake or aromatic milk with cream on top. White round mints with a drop of dark chocolate on each - and there they are! :)

For printable BOOs for your straws click here.

Our Halloween cocktails are served in bat mugs, of course. :)

For printable bat wings click here.

If you prefer clear drinks in clear glasses, here is an idea for spooky ice cubes. :)

A drink full of spiders, plastic ones of course. :)

You remember the which I told you about that was staying with us last year? We found out later from Hansel and Gretel that she wanted to eat them, so we decided to give her a taste of her own medicine. That's why our Halloween snack and dessert is her naughtiness. :)

She might be naughty but she is well manicured. :) Hehe. This is the recipe from Rainbow snacks post, the only difference is that there is no baking powder so the fingers would keep their shape.

Ahh, I love eating witch fingers! :D

If you think her fingers are yummy, wait to try her eyeballs. :)

Mini cakes with marcipan.... mmm... this witch is so delicious.

Pick your favorite cake pops recipe, get some marcipan and edible colors - and there it is, your spooky Halloween dessert. :)

They are so fun and easy to make. You have to try it! :)

Now, all that's left for me to do is to make my costume for tomorrow. Halloween time is just never ending joy! :D

Happy Halloween, y'all! :)

IT'S PUMPKIN TIME - The joys of autumn

As soon as autumn had arrived I promptly rushed to the market to get my pumpkins! :) I love the diversity of their shapes, colors and unusual patterns. However, for several years now I wanted to paint them in different patterns and colors that are not inherent to them, but I never did because they were so beautiful just as they are, so I couldn't get myself to do it. This year I could not resist, I bought a bunch and I've painted them all. :)

I always match our home decor to the seasons of the year, and use the colors that go along with them, but lately I'm in a pink mania, so my autumn became pink this year. :) I chose a couple of color schemes that agree with the colors in our apartment, in addition to pink&gold, there is also a black&gold combination.

The triangle pattern is done with the pieces of black electrical tape. The polka dot one, that looks like it has rivets on it, is actually pins with round heads painted in gold and pinned into a pumpkin. :)

I found that using brush when painting pumpkins always leaves brush marks, even sponge does not make a smooth texture. So I used spray paint instead. I love matt colors. This gold one is an exception, beacause it's looks just beautiful on pumpkin stems.

Here are some tips on how to spray your pumpkin:

* Spray paint the pumpkin stem
* When it's well dried, put the self adhesive paper tape over it, making sure that the tape parts do not cover any areas of pumpkin itself
* Now you can paint the body of the pumpkin. Apply the first coat taking care not to spray at close range. Also, don't spray too long at the same place to avoid formation of paint drops.
When it's well dried, repeat the same process to apply the second layer of the paint.

I got so caught up in painting with my golden spray, that I forgot to leave enough pumpkins for the black&white combination, that I really wanted. Finally, I painted only two which were left behind. :)

Black polka dots on the little white pumpkin are also made of black electrical tape. Stencil and spray would just not work on this kind of curved surface. Therefore, if you want some patterns in which self adhesive tapes can't help, I advise using brush and acrylic paint.

It is important to know that although the stems can be protected by self adhesive paper tape without damaging the colors, it does not apply to the color on the pumpkin itself. So I do not glue anything to a painted pumpkin if you do not plan for it to stay there. :)

Halloween is coming, BOO HOO HOO! :)

This year I got the inspiration to give my pumpkins some perky "scary" characters. Have I told you how much I love Halloween !? : D

My dear little spidy . :) His body is a little pumpkin sprayed in matt black paint. His legs are made of a black wire. Each spider leg is formed separately, and then pinned into a pumpkin. So much fun and so easy to make!

The little pumpkin ghost is even easier to make! The key is finding a pumpkin which shape will, painted in white, irresistibly resemble a ghost. Since ghosts "come" in so many shapes and forms, it is much easier to find the shape you need than you might think. :)

This cute bat pumpkin just had to have a carved face, instead of a drawn one, so its eyes can glow in the dark, daah! : D

Its wings and its ears are printed and glued onto the pumpkin, you can download the free printable here.

Since the bat pumpkin had a long stem (before it got its wings),  it irresistibly resembled a cartoon bomb. So I just added some sparks and got the cutest colorful bomblets. For free printable sparks click here. :)

The post full of Halloween ideas is yet to come, so stay tuned! :) I'm very anxious to share all of it with you next week. Until then, enjoy all of the autumn joys. :)

LA DOLCE VITA - Our italian road trip / Part 1 / MAGICAL VENICE

It's the second day of our road trip, Venice looms in the distance, and I am trembling and bouncing in my seat! This is my third time in Venice, I've been on organized excursions the first two times, and this is definitely not the way to really experience this city. Forget the tourist guide, take the first alley that you like and start wandering! :) There are so many beautiful corners, bridges and canals, you can't make a mistake which ever way you go.

Get in one of the water buses and take a ride through the Grand Canal, instead of spending a small fortune on a gondola ride. :) Also, public transport is very helpful if you are arriving by car, because you have to leave your car at one of the huge parking lots at the entrance of the city, throughout your whole visit. Given that our little flat was on the other side of town, we didn't have to haul suitcases all over Venice, instead we enjoyed the ride and the beautiful scenery of this irresistible and unusual city. :)

This was the first time I spent the night in Venice and had the opportunity to experience it at night. You could immediately feel that one-day tourists have left the city, everything is calm and quite dark. We wandered through who-knows-which residential street next to the canal, and in the silence, surrounded by old buildings and some lone gondola that passes, we can totally imagine how this city felt hundreds of years ago.

But, just around a corner we find groups of people sitting on the streets, bridges, boats and in restaurants by the canal.

Waking up in Venice - what an experience! You wake up in this lovely, Venetian apartment, you look at the high ceiling above, then you realize where you are and rush to the window, see the canal and fall unconscious! Ahhh ... Another day for our proven recipe - wandering without a plan. :) Spontaneous fun, far more enjoying than running around with a list and a map through the groups of tourists who are prepared to spend half of their visit to this city waiting in line to enter the Doge's Palace. Experience the city, not just it's monuments. :)

Then you come across a vintage patisserie shop, buy some coffee and pastries and make a picnic on the bridge. :) This is one of my favorite memories. The bridge was so small, literally a step away from the patisserie shop window full of huge colorful marshmallows. Below, on the steps of the bridge sat an English family, parents with two children around 10 years old, and they talked about how they would cherish this meal more than any they could have had in a restaurant. And they were totally right. :)

I was hoping we would get to visit islands Murano and Burano, but due to the lack of time, we had to leave it for some other occasion. Now, it's time to continue our road trip that takes us to Tuscany. :D One more photo and we are off to Florence! :)