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For a few years now I've been designing wrapping papers for birthday presents for my favorite people. I first got the idea while I was making a Superman doll for my dad, with his face on it, as a birthday gift. I made a Superdad logo, just like Superman's, so the idea for a wrapping paper was imminent. :)

This year, for my little sister's birthday, I could not decide between a pattern with unicorns, ice creams, pretzels, flamingos, donuts, roller skates, milkshakes or lipsticks. So I decided to use all of it, and some things extra. I named it SUPER COOL. :)

For wrapping paper #2 I chose Barbie font for silly "Goody" label, and Barbie colors, of course. :)

Remember how, in cartoons, the heroes are always trying, in every possible way, to destroy the package with a clock in it, thinking that there is a bomb inside? :) That's why I choose a cartoon bomb pattern for wrapping paper #3, and the gift is a watch, of course. :)

To share the joy of wrapping with this lovely papers with all of you, here are download links for free printable files. Just click on the name of the wrapping paper that you want to download:

#1 SUPER COOL wrapping paper
#2 GOODY wrapping paper
#3 BOMBASTIC wrapping paper

Enjoy! :)

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